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rarely discounted Nike, Adidas and other sports series in the Olympics big "hit" the shot, never engage in the activities of at least 200 by 100, so quiet Shaoxing commerce industry has years celebration of taste, but also let Nike Adidas not to participate in "active" myth suddenly shattered. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Jin Yi Chuan turned Times Square Sports City, from the 13th launched the first Nike, Adidas activity of at least 200 by 100. This past weekend, the reporter received a text message that St. County of Yi ???????? audience full of 300 by 100. Yesterday went to the BCCI building, found the country's sports series "up" high level, moved to five, and is engaged in activities, a flourishing population. Nike, 360 are engaged in at least 300 by 100, 88% off Nike, Anta 6-8 fold and so on. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Is it because the Yi River Sports City opened the era of gold, resulting in motion the series began Rush? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The best business to have a price-fixing cartel, everyone who do not kill each other, but newcomers to compete for market share to big "hit" shot. This weekend's big promotion campaign series, also based in Shaoxing again a "catfish." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; gold in Times Square after the expiration of three years leaseback, the operating room all returned to their landlord, did not sell the operating room it is to sell, sell, sell, not rent. This does not, Shaoxing Times Square after nearly six months of renovation, turned Yi Chuan Sports City. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In fairness, engage in sports city is positioning accuracy, one Tazhun commercial rhythm, th cheap foamposites e first year is Olympic year, all movement of natural persons who buy sports series; secondly, now Shaoxing Adidas, Nike store more and more, the newly opened stores in prime locations are basically "They" can also be sure, sports series sell well, profits are high, otherwise prime rental Few gold can stop prison. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; a lot of gold in Times Square, in fact, not easy to Sichuan Sports City, opened it fifty-six facade, most stores are closed. Reporters around the circle, that these movements are mostly older series, but it does not matter, really as a customer said, everyone to buy the new, not the same with the uniforms? Zhuangshan-season money will not do. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; reporters are most concerned about is that the original does not participate in the activities known as Nike, Adidas, how are reduced to "200 by 100" ranks go? Merchant said that the opening of a promotion. In fact, the good news according to economic laws, as long as there are high profits, naturally there will be the root of levers to regulate the market, and ultimately allowed only earn an average profit, of course, drink the first saliva big money is another matter.Nike Roshe Run rainbow color tushang 2015-03-21 15:33:39 Nike Roshe Run in recent years as the greatest success of the shoes, it is about to usher in their third summer. In order to extend the heat Roshe Run shoes, Nike kept zone to surprise us, to demonstrate creativity Roshe Run series is far come to an end. The Nike used the colorful gradient color printing vamp, with white Swoosh and outsole to present this latest double rainbow color Roshe Retro jordans for sale Run. It shines bright and lively colors, while on foot picture is even more beautiful. It is reported that this pair of new color of Nike Roshe Run will be on sale in summer, we believe that in the summer of 2015, Nike Roshe Run will become the trend still dominate. recently teamed famous Japanese Onitsuka Tiger sneakers store mita sneakers for the season to build a pair of new co-branded models, overwhelmed by the parties to the brand's classic shoes X-Caliber modeled, inspired by roses. Quintana use red rendering shoes, suede material while leaving the shoes seem extraordinary luxury, with a white midsole and outsole gradient rendering. Shoes still brought some surprises for us, especially roses pattern on the insole, designers had to point a praise. It is reported that the shoes will be designated shops for sale in the brand December 20, interested friends may wish to look at it. Nike Kobe 8 System Series dolls Post 2013-12-08 22:50:47 Nike to commemorate - Kobe Bryant eighth boots Nike Kobe 8 System was born, launched four dolls, each doll head has a unique logo, showing the unique Kobe himself on the pitch style, learned that this doll only lottery in the United States by way of gift to a shoe fans and friends, they would want to get to spend some thinking about this. Supra Society Mid 2012 Holiday new color debut 2013-12-08 22:43:12 Supra's popular spokesperson Terry Kennedy's personal signature shoes Supra Society Mid recently announced two new color. The first shoe in burgundy suede material to build, dotted with orange details and vulcanized outsole white, extraordinarily passionate and Cheap foamposites for sale unrestrained; another shoe in black suede uppers basis, with purple details and lining design, low-key yet elegant. Both side shoes shoes are printed with initials TK Terry Kennedy logo. It is reported that these two shoe is now on the official website of the United States Supra frame.201011915915931.jpg (55.66 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-19 08:45 upload 2010119200781.jpg (58.2 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-19 08:45 upload by two local brands Guangzhou NY:C and SOUTHFINEST " FUR FUR" cooperation; SNEAKER finally officially launched. As with the early design work mode of cooperation, continue to pay by SOUTHFINEST, and the NY:C is responsible for the production supervision. The shoes with the well-known CONVERSE ALL-STAR as a blueprint in the material but the bold choice with the real feel of the imitation of animal wool, including LEOPARD and SOUTHFINEST on behalf of NY:C on behalf of the new series of BLACK BIRD. In the shoe, specially printed pattern strips and creation for the cooperation, but also quite thought the two brands will pattern are respectively printed on left foot insoles. Love friends do not pay attention to cut! 20101192125953.jpg (41.24 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-19 08:45 upload 20101192137598.jpg (57.54 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-19 08:45 upload 20101192236352.jpg (41.89 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-19 08:45 upload 20101192414331.jpg (70.55 KB Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale , download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-19 08:45 upload 20101192427823.jpg (87.81 KB, download number: 0) Download of 〉Earlier exposure to this black suede version of Nike KD 7 EXT finally got further offering information, I believe many fans excited. Some shoes! This shoe body excellent selection of black suede made, and there is a high quality black leather collocation, shoe heel to use Foamposite material is still the one and only highlight its noble quality, finally with the yellow rubber sole show. release date: December nike-kd7-ext-black-suede.jpg (105.62 KB, download number: 0) download Nike KD 7 EXT Black Suede Black Suede 2014-11-27 19:00 upload The Nike design team to pop music Godfather Michael Jackson brings great respect, use purple as the main color in black and silver metal deployment details Swoosh decoration and the specially crafted Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low will be officially on sale, interested friends, please be sure to lock the sale information below. item: 639045-101 release date: July 12th 100221fmt70h0cnzn7l7x9.jpg (47.3 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-23 09:22 upload 100221t1e3zm1f3f2tbvbb.jpg (66.2 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-23 09:22 upload 100227obb7bs70pja999xe.jpg (38.55 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-23 09:22 upload 100254p5ka5m2aaqh82ene.jpg (46.01 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-23 09:22 upload 100226xqd7bbqqz6igd600.jpg (41.42 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-23 09:22 upload 100223u1f5ndrrmq15pqvf.jpg (39.13 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-23 0 Cheap air jordans for sale 9:22 Nike Kobe Elite upload, 9, Low, 00 Michael Jacksonrun, please step emperor step don't get me wrong, like James ran up and not let you learn from him the referee whistled violation of "crab walk". Although many people think that the "emperor" of the lack of sense of beauty, but from the perspective of kinematics analysis, James is the NBA running posture the right one. James's running posture in the eyes of experts is the most correct NBA all and NBA pose different shots like, almost no two players running posture is the same. As long as the goal, the coaches don't care about players shooting action is the standard, the same coaches never requires the player to use what kind of posture from the backcourt to run up front. This is not the top professional league coach should be in control of things, the player's basic skills as early as young people, even if it is not reasonable. and those feelings of admiration of idols such as the surging river fans, crazy imitation with every movement of the stars shots, layups break even dribble, did not know that, the world's top basketball player, bad habits. Qianlizhidi destroyed nest, even if it's just a slight movement, may cause serious consequences to the players and the imitator. alarmist? Sometimes, listen to good advice is a good thing. a gouras & middot; Dr. Romanov, the sports biomechanics, sports training, sports injuries Diagnosis and rehabilitation field have deep attainments of experts, these days became a popular figure in NBA circles. A majority of Russians questioned the NBA star "will not run", like red hard. one dribble from front to back, othe Cheap jordans online r persons self ran to the right position, or from the stadium empty handed side walk to the other side. These may be NBA game in the least attention from the scene, but accounted for most of the time the whole game. You might think that "sideshow" no technical content, said Romanov, running a lot of learning, many players reason by the early knee ankle injuries, because their posture horribly wrong. "think about the truth, if your network service, however, it is not necessary to play tennis; if you don't kick off, why not play 18 holes of golf? If you don't use a easily can avoid injury posture runners, why stand in ten thousand meter race or iron man three before the starting line? " in the opinion of the Romanov, NBA players running the most common mistake is. They have a habit of with feet first to -- in fact many ordinary people also have the same habits. On the one hand, the NBA player weight generally are relatively large, they think this way of running a very safe; on the other hand, it is a "from generation to generation" of the problem. After studying a lot of NBA early video game, Romanov is not without regret to say, at the age of only two players running posture is correct, in the history of the NBA's greatest two center Bill Russell and Chamberlain -- they have received formal training in track and field. Two tall and weight giants can play in the league. Bryant feeder series -- nike kobe Venomenon 4 launch new red and black color, red shoes match the black shoes with white details decoration, supplemented by light green outsole, shoes as a whole has a decent appearance, shoes will be available Cheap foamposites for sale in the near future. The price is $120. /〉Jordan Brand has released Jordan Team 1 in the forthcoming 2014 engraved message, this pair of? The earlier works of Team Jordan series released the new color more for you to choose, each color is two monochromatic simple collocation, with shoes in the design of the simple color in the shoe body on both sides and bottom. With two form is quite good visual effect, there is no available detailed information please pay close attention to the subsequent information more. source: Nikeblog?Michael Jordan car Ferrari 550 is inspired by the design of the Air Jordan 14, not only has beautiful curve lines in appearance, but also as a car filled with a lot of details, automobile paint like the bottom coating, brake taillight shape, shoe heel side vent hole and so on, will Ferrari 550 the essence of detailed presentation. In the "Ferrari" version, with a high degree of recognition of the theme of red, bright yellow collocation bring out the original car temperament; vamp cut pieces to save one design, a direct association to run the body, let the whole shoes like a car ready to go. AJ F-25AJ F-25 Air Jordan 14 detailsAir Jordan 5Lab3 black color this weekend in Taiwan have been sold, we have now released prospecting shoe finishing selling way dealer links in Facebook, some stores should be signed in to complete the investment today, you also please collate shoe to pay more attention to the actual system and the way of selling machine to store location changes please notice prevail. Wuchang 23 smile sports sports a hang source: Sneakernews"I don't want to change my true self. Lions need to eat, chase with me, or be chased by me. " "friend is temporary, the victory banner can hang up forever. " exciting content to previewJulie Lin, the first experienced runner in Taiwan, shared the whole trip adidas as the Taipei marathon official sponsors, especially in December 12th today (five) to 28 days (day) for a period of 17 days, on the whole motion index of Adidas 101 stadium in Taiwan's first Adidas Running EXPO running. For the first time since 2013 and launched the continuation of the acclaimed Adidas RUNNING LAB, Adidas Adidas 101 this year moved to the Grand Court, on-site detection, footscan dynamic foot type professional running shoes on loan and send content services, Adidas running technology demonstration, site sells service, and set up the new running training courses and outdoor group run, community interactive experience so, before the official opening of Adidas invited the media to visit, and Julie Lin became the first by the Taiwan Running EXPO experience Adidas runner, through her share to make not the first time to survey the shoe makers at! Julie Lin said: "Taiwan to witness the hitherto unknown running Expo is very happy and Adidas to give runners running professional resources, service and assistance are the most innovative, this is absolutely all runners can not miss the event! ", adidas-running, Expo, opening-2adidas-running, Expo, opening-2." , adidas-running, Expo, opening-3adidas-running, Expo, opening-3 , adidas-running, Expo, opening-4adidas-running, Expo, opening-4 adidas, RUN, BASE professional running shoes, trial run and delivery service first stop, Julie Lin first introduced free rental Adidas running shoes of the block, because to save time of navigation, in fact, the follow-up we will explain to you, to find their own style, you can first foot test Oh! This not only can rent BOOST? Technology family series of running shoes, and immediately went to the hall of the treadmill or outdoor test run, multiple shoes all running needs, including suspension, stability and competition type of shoes are Goods are available in all varieties. helps runners, find the most suitable for their own site and send free running shoes; convenient, running even after work to also can immediately start to try running experience oh! Julie Lin also immediately changed her earlier finish foot test, the staff suggested her Adidas Boost series running shoes, ready for actual operation, for everyone to carry out the next block demonstration experience. the next block is a number of treadmills put togetherAccess to the Crazyquick cover story recently crazy blue grass dad, based on a loyal Adidas from the first collection, later sold into the ranks of the world, he feels there are many worthy of recommendation to other shoes and some shoes, so in addition to their collection, dad always try to make the grass Taiwan blue can start a foreign shoes to single, on Saturday officially opened adiFANS new stores in Taichung Feng Chia District, Xiao Bian also invited to interview the same day, shop display many rare shoes, not only is the display part, styles are home, the day of the VIP time of many old customers it took many treasures with blue blood, to communicate with each other by shoes. interior design and interior design by grass fatherThe store furnishings made of wood and iron, as well as the overall style is placed by grass dad carefully planning, and also specially from home with a lot of single product add to the overall visual integrity, hope to let everyone in the store can have the best experience. The opening is full of blue passion opening day of an open approach immediately overcrowded, in addition to the shoes with the opening discount, I think Dad is grass charm business so good reasons for adidas shoes story is quite clear, for the scene in person at the same time also doubts, try hands-on, very easygoing, although is world famous the collector is very friendly, prospecting shoe to Taichung must come here to play! is worth visiting in store adiFANS information store address: - map please click hereAir Jordan XXXI 'Flight Guy' in Taiwan in April 1st will be sold in a particular store, priced at 6900 yuan, Jordan Brand Taiwan has also been published in the Facebook store, intends to start prospecting shoe please refer to the following links in the actual information, selling way and place different mechanism please to store announcement, more shoes a listing of messages can also be reference information reporting of listed station. Jordan Brand Taiwan source: Nike Patrick Ewing New York legend center boots Ewing 33 Hi will copy the original classic color, retro shoes with other sky blue coat and white collocation of decorative details, people saw that fresh, quite suitable for use in hot summer, is expected to be launched in August. source: Ewing Athletics